Lean Meatballs with linguine

Prime, top-of-the-rib, mature beef in a chunky tomato sauce

Eureka Cover meatballs are made using the finest beef combining this with chickpeas rather than the old method of the industry – Rusk (a processing aid in most commercially produced meats and sausages) with a delicate spice mix bringing back flavours from North Africa providing a wholesome low-fat meatball to be enjoyed with a free linguine in a chunky tomato sauce.


Linguine (33%) (Wheat Starch (Gluten), Water); Beef (15%); Tomato; Citric Acid (E330); Onion; Carrot; Chickpeas; Breadcrumbs (Wheat, Gluten); Starch; Sea Salt; Soy Oil; Garlic; Pea Proteins; Oat Fibres (Gluten); Acid Regulators (E262); (E327); (E335), Palm Oil, Stabilizers (E450); (E451); Mustard; Herbs and Spices (Sesame Seeds, Coriander, Pepper, Caraway Seeds, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Paprika, Red and Green Chillies); Dextrose.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Serving suggestion