Kosher Certification

Eureka Cove together with Rabbi Pinchus Padwa, son of Rabbi Joseph Padwa, brings an exciting new brand to the UK.

Rabbi Padwa is the third generation of the famous Padwa dynasty in London headed up by his grandfather Rabbi HB Padwa.

Rabbi Pinchus studied practical rabbinical law and Jewish theology under the guidance of his grandfather at the Talmudic Centre and College in London and later in Jerusalem at the International College of Belz. He married in Zürich Switzerland and continued his studies at Zürich Kollel.

In 1993 he received the rabbinic diploma from the court of Belz in Israel bestowing him with the title Rabbi. In 1994 he was appointed as the Rabbi of the Belz community in Zurich and as the Kosher Administrator to the Israelitische Religions Geselschaft in Zurich. Here he enjoyed the support of its Rabbi, the famous Rabbi Daniel Levy Za”l.

At the millennium, in the year 2000, he was appointed as the kosher administrator for the Rabbinic Council of Europe, based in Brussels, close to the European Parliament. In 2004 he received a diploma from the Paris Bes Din, signed by the Chief Rabbi of Paris, Rabbi Cohen, enabling him to administer jurisdictions in context with marriage and divorce.

In 2008 Rabbi Padwa was appointed as the Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish Synagogue Etz Chaim in Amsterdam and in 2011 as the leader and Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Community Machzike Tauro, in Amsterdam.

Rabbi Padwa is a world wide recognised authority in the Kosher world and has a reputation in solving many difficult challenges to kosher productions, based on his profound technical understanding and his vast knowledge in Jewish Dietary law.

In 2014 Rabbi Padwa was called by his leader – Rabbi, the saintly Rabbi of Belz, to lead the new Belz community in Kiryat Gat Israel and to head the Belz Kashrut org. He continues to work tirelessly to establish his community and effortlessly travels continuously to supervise kosher productions throughout the world.

Eureka Cove is honoured to be approved by Rabbi Pinchas Padwa.