Kvetching about the Weather

By Laurie Rosenberg

It’s been a really hot weekend, and it seems that whatever the weather brings in the UK, we still complain and kvetch.

But it’s not confined to the summer.

We kvetch all year round!

Instead of glorifying in the beautiful golden browns of the autumnal leaves as they cascade to the ground, and I become a kid again, kicking the leaves as I walk, or even more exciting picking up conkers and loving their deep mahogany hue.

But this seems to be lost on some people as the kvetching starts again, “it’s too slippery”, or, “look at the garden, covered in them”, and, most horrifyingly, schools banning conker games due to health and safety, and of course the recurring autumnal message from the rail services, as the 08.12 from Orpington is cancelled due to the leaves on the track!

Move forward a couple of months and it’s winter.

I love the crisp, cold days of winter; I love the frost and God’s signature on the ground etched in ice, and of course the inner child leaps out of me as snow falls and I get to try and make a snow person (can’t say snowman anymore!).

But the then the kvetching starts: too cold, the pipes have burst, the heating doesn’t work and the trains fail as the points freeze, or even worse “the wrong type of snow”.

Ah, but spring is around the corner, and the daffodils have come out to bow their beautiful heads, the earth begins to smell of good days to come and the almond blossom has burst out of the winter sleep, and of course the kvetching starts again complaining that spring these days is nothing like the spring of years ago!

Are we ever satisfied?

But this weekend we had a Eureka moment.

Blue skies, hot temperature, a Bank holiday, the shorts have come out of hibernation together with ice creams, traffic jams and the desertion to the coast.

This weekend’s glorious foretaste of summer.

And in France the air-traffic controllers went on strike, Stansted was hit by lightning, we had the wrong type of rain in Birmingham and it’s too hot to sit outside!

Kvetching again.

So, my message is simple…Enjoy.

Savour God’s creation, make these into a Eureka Moment and embrace our wonderful and ever changing British weather.