Our story

A Eureka moment for kosher food!

Eureka Cove is a new range of frozen kosher ready-meals that have recently launched in 11 Tesco stores and 13 independent kosher stores across the UK.

The range of ‘tasty kosher treasures’ includes ‘family classics’ such as Beef Meatballs with Linguine, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lean Beef Lasagne, Lean Beef Ragu, and Gluten Free Hake Goujons. Each product brings high quality ingredients, simplicity and convenience to the home, and offers the type of ready meals that non-kosher diners have been consuming from the likes of M&S and Waitrose for many years.

All of our meals are preservative free and ready-to-cook straight from the freezer. This makes them the perfect food for busy people, students, convalescents and those just looking for a quick, easy meal. Everything at Eureka Cove is produced to the highest ethical and kosher standards and is fully traceable back to its source.

Eureka Cove is the brainchild of South African born Londoner, Richard Loebenberg – Leiths alumni and former chief executive (and founder) of Great Foods. Following a ‘Eureka moment’ Richard and his wife Jackie realised there was a gap in the kosher market for high quality, simple and convenient cook-from-frozen ready meals.

In order to create this pioneering new range of food, Richard and his team of taste explorers have travelled the globe seeking out Eureka moments – those times when the finest quality ingredients and the most delectable flavours meet. Our delicious dishes have been developed alongside Michelin-starred chef, Paul Van Staveren under the supervision of KCS.

Partnering directly with Tesco and also with Hatov for independent distribution, the range has launched to great applause and has been extremely well received. We have lots of exciting new developments due to be announced over the coming months, all intended to shake up the UK kosher food market with our Eureka thinking.